Here are 5 of our tips for designing a Fire Hall:


1. Consider the apparatus bay floor finish – a hardened, ground concrete floor will be very slippery, a sand-finish epoxy floor is non-slip however will be very hard to clean and maintain, simple machine trowelled finish seems to be the best balance between non-slip and easy to maintain.

2. Hose tower can be a multiuse space – consider a hose tower location so it can also be an exit and if you add a standpipe system inside the tower and a floor drain with water resistant finishes, you can operate the system in the tower for training as well.

3. Consider an enclosed room for duty gear storage and run your air system ducts under the duty gear racks – this will increase the effectiveness of ventilation through the gear.

4. If planning a training mezzanine, an opportunity to install a manhole between floors can provide addition training opportunities.

5. Install rubber flooring in a B/A filling room and install rubber flooring on the counter top as well. This will minimize possible tank damage.








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