The Edmonton Studio’s SOUNDINGTHEVOID warming hut design was entered in the 2018 Winnipeg Warming Hut Architecture Competition. The purpose of the competition is for teams to design small, inexpensive pavilions to be installed on the river along the skating trail that either provide shelter or serve as beacons/attractions for skaters, skiers & dog walkers.


A newcomer experiences the frigid isolation, the inconceivable prairie expanse, the barriers that obstruct the warmth of human connection. Local folk know the familiar friendships, the sense of community and warmth that typifies the tight-knit prairie city. SOUNDINGTHEVOID challenges this apparent duality through the medium of sound.

Inspired by wartime devices used to detect far-off planes, two opposing parabolic domes focus acoustic energy to the ears of the seated listener. The passive amplification of sound permits a comfortable conversation across the frozen river landscape. Behind one of the parabolas a cave-like enclosure is carved out and blanketed in soft, felted wool. The tight confines and dampened sound contrast the interactions outside, enveloping listeners in quiet reflection.

SOUNDINGTHEVOID’s aqueous form suggests the mysterious life of fish in the waves beneath the icy surface, while an iridescent skin glitters in the hard winter light. A curious intimacy encourages dialogue between strangers and a brief connection across the space between them.



The full competition website can be found following this link:

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