A butcher, a barista and a bicyclist walked into a brewhouse…at least that is what is happening at the Ritchie Market infill project in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Paying homage to the neighborhood’s past through an industrial architectural aesthetic, Ritchie Market is a community hub in one of the city’s mature neighborhoods. As an innovative development project, the market houses a craft brewery and restaurant, a coffee roaster and café, a butcher and a bike rental shop. In addition to the main floor retail spaces, the second-floor classroom, coffee roasting lab, and events room support private classes and events by the retailers and community.

“The genesis was a desire to build a place for the community. The building needed to create a place that was engaging, welcoming, and inclusive – like a dining table or kitchen in a home that family and friends gravitate to.” – Anneliese Fris, Principal in Charge


A collaborative effort between multiple stakeholders, this project required ‘out of the box thinking’ to effectively integrate four distinct businesses and their specific requirements. The market’s main floor provides space for Blind Enthusiasm Public House + Biera restaurant, Transcend Coffee + Roastery, ACME Meat Market, and Creekside Cycle. The overall interior aesthetic is warm industrial and employs raw materials such as concrete, wood and steel that are tactile and natural. The conveyor belt carrying milled grains through the restaurant to the brewery, colorful hexagonal tiling in the washrooms, exposed Canadian fir decks, and reclaimed barrel wood wall cladding contribute to the building’s character. Large glazed walls allow the second level events space to overlook Biera and into the adjacent showcase barrel storage room. The exterior is rich with amenities from dog leash hitches, public seating, the restaurant patio, and an intimate pedestrian alley which provides access to Creekside’s bike rentals and through the site.

Ritchie Market is an example of a walkable, bike-friendly development integrated into an established neighborhood that is quickly becoming a popular community hangout.

For a featured view of the project visit the link below:

Ritchie Market 

For more information on businesses you can visit their websites through the links below:


Transcend Coffee

Blind Enthusiasm 

Acme Meat Market 

Creekside Cyclery

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