An exciting event is happening in Calgary’s downtown community this Friday! The official opening ceremony for the new Barb Scott Park will be held between noon and 1pm on Friday, June 13th at the park’s location of 12th Avenue and 9th Street SW.

We’re sharing this news with you because Group2 appreciates good design and architectural interest, and we like the park! Also, we’re excited it’s within walking distance from our office. As our city continues to grow, so does the need for more vibrancy and outdoor culture. This park will bring a sense of freshness to the Beltline District; Calgarians who live and work in the area will be able to enjoy moments of tranquility throughout their busy days.

The park was named in honor of Barb Scott, a late alderman for the City of Calgary who served on council for 24 years. The central fixture of this park is the incredible sculpture, called ‘Chinook Arc’, which fulfills the need for more public art pieces in the Beltline area. Artists Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock from Creative Machines, conceptualized an idea that would relate to our city’s unique weather phenomena and allow for interactive features. Park users will be able to manipulate the lighting sequence with the wave of a hand, bringing the added dimension of light and color. Providing an identity for the park, the Arc is a beautiful compliment to this area and will serve as a source of light for this highly visible location.

Be sure to check out the park this summer and enjoy what the new green space has to offer! Visit the Barb Scott Parks page for more information.

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