St Josephs High School

St. Joseph High School elevates the learning landscape, broader community, and economic development of Red Deer, both as a product of its completion and as a result of its holistic design process. The new space functions as a cornerstone for the Catholic School Board, and as part of an innovative campus, integrating with public and […]

Edwin Parr Composite School

Executive Summary Edwin Parr Composite School, in Athabasca, Alberta, was the result of extensive collaboration between the School Division, Alberta Education, Alberta Infrastructure and the bridging architect to explore the potential connections that would result from locating a junior/senior high school on a local Multiplex site and partnering with potential post-secondary institutions, local industries and […]

Spaces for Inquiry-Based Learning: Learning Communities

One of the main characteristics of 21st Century Learning is a focus on inquiry. Building a culture of inquiry requires instructional spaces that are flexible while retaining the ability for teachers to supervise and manage spaces. So, where do you start when you sit down to design a school? There are functional aspects to a […]

Celebrating Earth Day: taking 483 cars off the road for a year!

The original content was written by Stacy Christensen. Recently Group2 completed two core schools for the Calgary Board of Education (a core school is a set design from the government). The schools had to be built within one year but the market conditions in Calgary, at the time, had 20+ other schools tendering within weeks […]