Empowering Through Design.

About us

Led by seven Principals and supported by five studios, our firm brings award-winning design and extensive experience to each project. We provide flexible levels of service, tailored to individual client needs in architecture, interior design, master planning and advisory services. We consistently seek out new and innovative solutions that add value to the overall project and team.

Mission, Vision & Values

We aim to empower our employees, clients, industry, and the communities we collaborate with. We are co-creators of spaces that support, uplift and enrich. Guided by our collective core values of People First, Collaboration, Integrity and Continuous Improvement, our firm is committed to harnessing the creative potential of our design and construction industry.


Meaningful change happens when people put ideas into action. At Group2 we encourage our staff to be leaders at work and in their communities. We enable our staff to improve their skill sets and expand their knowledge base through accessible training, education, and certification programs. This focus on continuous improvement makes our studio environment a source of creativity, discovery, and inspired learning.