St. Joseph High School

St. Joseph High School elevates the learning landscape, broader community, and economic development of Red Deer, both as a product of its completion and as a result of its holistic design. The new space functions as a cornerstone for Red Deer Catholic School Division, and as part of an innovative campus, integrating with public and francophone schools.

21st Century Learning Neighbourhoods

The school is built on a model of six major learning neighbourhoods. Each neighbourhood is defined by a set of similar learning goals complemented by spaces and tools to support these branches of learning. Each neighbourhood has two seminar classrooms, a wet lab, teacher pod, storage, and breakout room. To enhance individual learning styles several of the learning neighbourhoods were designed and situated alongside a large central open space, encouraging transparency, movement, and collaboration.

Dedicated Learning Resources

Instead of a conventional library, or even a dedicated learning resource centre, at St. Joseph’s, learning resources are dispersed, lining the walls and infusing learning materials throughout the common spaces. Students can learn in spaces that suit their individual needs, facilitated by help desks that are situated in the common space to further connect and support students with their learning at all times.


Red Deer, AB