Meadow Ridge School

The construction of Meadow Ridge School is considered to be one of the most engaging and comprehensive collaborations between a school division and municipality in Alberta. Group2 received extensive input throughout the design process from a representative team of students, teachers, staff, and the community. The result of this mass collaboration is a school that is the perfect example of 21st Century Learning.

Design that Empowers its Environment

Meadow Ridge is built on a parcel of land that has preserved wetlands to the north and west of the school. The expansive Rocky Mountains to the west are visible through extensive daylighting and glazing throughout the school. Outdoor learning classroom environments and property setbacks are in place for the stewardship of an environmental legacy. As a product of its completion, it reflects its environment through ‘coming south from the valley to the ridge’.

Welcoming and Engaging Building Design

The shape of the building has intricate curves and features, what we called a “butterfly roof” which acts as an accent to the building and draws you into one of the entrances where natural light streams into the two-storey atrium through clerestory windows. The open entrance and sitting area to the main floor create a space that is both welcoming and engaging to students.


Okotoks, AB