G.H. Dawe Community Centre Expansion

The G.H. Dawe Community Centre is a thriving recreational hub that experiences heavy year-round use.

The facility can be seen from various points along the vibrant 67th Street roadway. It was important for the project team that the building has a striking architectural presence that becomes an icon within the community. Elevations were designed to appear “glacier-like” to produce an instantly recognizable public profile. Elevations on the original facility evoke a water theme, so the glacier visuals represents a thematic progression the will complement the existing facade. The proposed facade will give the addition visually continuity with the original facility.

Stakeholder engagement sessions early in the design process established design principles and values that will guide the project throughout all phases. Key principles include year-round use, energy efficiency and sustainability, visual impact, community focus, and flexibility.

Key components include:

  • Two NHL regulation-size arenas with fully accessible entry for sledge hockey participants.
  • Full sized change rooms to accommodate 26 players and flexible change rooms that accommodate up to 9 players.
  • Spectator seating is identical for both rinks and can hold 227 spectators with 13 barrier free designated seats.
  • Second floor fitness area and four lane running track is located around the second ice area. Open and flexible workout spaces are provided throughout the second floor that can be configured with a number of equipment pieces.


Red Deer, AB