Canpotex River Landing Tenant Fit-Up

Canpotex’s new office embodies its company vision of connection, transparency, growth, innovation, and identity.

To fully understand previous workplace conditions and desired future state, the project began with a needs assessment. This highly collaborative process enabled the client team to identify key guiding principles and a vision for the future of their new space. The needs assessment clarified their goals and requirements, allowing Canpotex to make the decision to relocate instead of renovating their existing space and setting a vision for the new space that was achieved in subsequent phases.

The goal for the workplace was to provide an open dynamic design that reflects the highly collaborative and transparent environment that Canpotex promotes. The modern design acts as a visual communicator of Canpotex’s business and brand, elevating their positive and healthy environment into a place where employees want to be.

This was addressed with a flexible design that incorporated Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) strategies. The open office was designed with strategically located meeting and collision spaces, encouraging interaction and impromptu meetings in a variety of soft seating and open collaborative areas. Sound masking and acoustic panels were incorporated to provide privacy and reinforce brand through colour and pattern. In keeping with LEED guidelines, we maximized access to river views and natural daylight for all staff, used sustainable materials and systems, and prioritized healthy indoor air quality, leading to a more comfortable environment.

An uncompromising, innovative environment was the result – an office containing all the benefits of quick connect technology, all the comforts of home, a strong emphasis on health and wellness, and ultimately, an easy-to-use and desirable place to do business.


Saskatoon, SK