Integrated Solutions

LEAN Design

We have been at the forefront of LEAN in design and construction for nearly a decade, working on some of the first LEAN Construction projects in Canada. Our experience in IPD and LEAN construction has exposed the potential to fuse the design and delivery processes releasing exceptional value for all participants. This experience has caused us to re-imagine everything we do.

Building Information Modeling

Our investment in technology has transformed our approach to design and project management, and has dramatically enhanced our use of Building Information Modelling (BIM). By applying BIM training and education to projects, we have developed a series of best practices focused on accelerating design, streamlining construction, and adding value to the client. This experience has allowed us to better align building design with the construction process by capitalizing on opportunities for prefabrication, reducing material waste, and lowering labour costs.


Our commitment to sustainability in architecture and urban design is represented across all five studios. Our work responds to environmental concerns and applies our knowledge of industry innovations to establish true measures of building performance, material alternatives, conservation strategies, and ecological impact. This systematic approach considers the impact of built form on the human experience, and the significant contribution sustainable strategies can make towards creating vibrant and resilient communities.