Our team offers the most comprehensive perspective on IPD in Canada having been involved in over 40 per cent of all IPD projects across the country, assisting Owners in initiating and delivering IPD projects including the first publicly funded IPD project in Alberta and BC and the first municipality funded IPD renovation project in Canada.

Our firm is extensively involved in promoting collaborative contracting in the industry and advancing the IPD model. Collectively, our team has contributed to IPD training sessions, workshops and learning modules through the LEAN construction Institute and Integrated Project Delivery Alliance. Our thought leadership has allowed up to participate in over 50 events on industry change throughout North America including, but not limited to: Minneapolis, Yukon, Saskatoon, San Francisco, Toronto, Orlando, Vancouver, Calgary, Dallas, Austin, Edmonton, Ottawa, Regina, Chicago, Seattle, Montreal.

We are heavily invested in skill development, collaborative processes, training practices and other support structures to elevate an IPD team.