makescape featured a great conversation about urban design and architecture between Mark Sterling (of Sweeny Sterling Finlayson & Co.) and Carol Belanger (Edmonton’s city architect). The focus of makescape was on creating a conversation that would be accessible to all, allowing participants to get close and make comments and ask questions. The discussion ranged from issues about public consultation and city zoning, to building height and design and contrasts between Edmonton and Toronto.

This discussion was especially timely, as both Toronto and Edmonton are going through signficant building phases. Toronto, where height has become the new norm – new condo buildings are regularly being approved in the 60-80 storey range, and Edmonton, where new recreation and library architecture is creating excitment.

makescape’s main design piece included bringing grass tiles and grass areas to centennial Plaza. Other interventions included Urban System’s velcro beach ball system, a dj competition by Pixel Blue College and a small market by the Mercer Collective. Additionally, the City of Edmonton was very helpful in providing the space and the great red cafe tables for people to sit!

Group2 donated design time to the June edition of makescape and is sponsoring the Pecha Kucha/makescape in October.

Bringing conversation about design to the public realm is a key part of Designing Downtown; which was started by M.A.D.E in Edmonton, Edmonton’s NextGEN and Progress Unlimited.

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