After months of planning and preparation, the Nordik Spa-Nature | Whitby project is finally coming to life. Over the past 3 months, our team has achieved several major milestones for the project while adapting to the diverse geographical area and fast-tracked schedule. We are excited to present the results of our hard work and announce that the Nordik Spa experience will be coming to southern Ontario in the Fall of 2020!





Building an incredible spa requires an incredible team. We recognize Groupe Nordiks, Chandos and our Contractor’s shared passion for IPD and advancing its application and are humbled to be collaborating with a team of professionals who are results-oriented and committed to discovering innovative solutions to enhance the success of this project. Together, we are pushing boundaries and unleashing the creative potential of our design and construction industry.

The Essence of a Great Team
Tim Birnie: Birnie Electric, Walter Schmoll: International Pool Contractors Inc., Pierre Cousineau: Americana Log Homes Inc., Denis Furlan: 3D Structures LTD., Nic Darling: Chandos Construction, Martin Paquette: Nordik Group, Craig Webber: Group2, Josh Kelson: Kelson Mechanical, Michael Jackson, WSP, John Ford: LEA Consulting and Chris Mills: Sitescape.