We Love Fire Halls

Here are 5 of our tips for designing a Fire Hall:   1. Consider the apparatus bay floor finish – a hardened, ground concrete floor will be very slippery, a sand-finish epoxy floor is non-slip however will be very hard to clean and maintain, simple machine trowelled finish seems to be the best balance between […]

Off-Script with Laura Plosz: The Future of Libraries

We pinned Laura Plosz while she was on the bus home from Regina to Saskatoon to pick her brain on current library trends and technology. Here are the results of our Q&A period: Q: Group2 is in the midst of wrapping up a Master Plan for the University Saskatchewan Branch libraries, for those that don’t […]

mygloo at illumiNITE

The final Mygloo installation used the surrounding trees as supporting structure for the piece. The translucent canopy invited people to walk underneath, and they did – the space was almost always occupied. One of the most photographed pieces of the night, mygloo won third prize from the jury, as well as the peoples choice award. […]