Business Continuity Plan in Response to COVID-19


    Group2 is providing this document to our clients to make them aware of the steps that Group2 is taking to ensure continuity of operations and service during this global pandemic.

    This is a living document and will be updated regularly. As the situation evolves, we will keep our clients up to date on any new operational developments.

    Pandemic Response Team

    • Anneliese Fris, Laura Plosz and Kari Anne Gaume.
    • Advisory team includes the remainder of the Principal Team, but it is not essential that all team members are involved in all decision making.

    Essential Employees

    • Have been identified and consulted on the steps and the plan (strategies and processes).
    • We have identified back up resources for critical project roles on each project that can be implemented should the current staff member be impacted by the virus or caring for others.
    • This strategy applies to our accounting team members that are responsible for payroll and payables. We have isolated key team members both within the workplace and between studios.

    Health and Safety Protocols

    • If you fall into one of the following categories that has been recommended for self isolation you are not permitted in the workplace:
      • Individual displays any virus symptoms, per AHS guidelines, without exception.
      • Individual has traveled outside of Canada in the preceding 3 months.
    • Workplace Infection Control Practices:
      • Instructed cleaners to provide deep cleaning services.
      • Daily sanitizing of high touch areas (doorknobs, light switches, lunchroom etc.).
    • Controlled Access to Workplace:
      • Prearranged pickup or drop off of items only.
      • Signage at locked studio entrances to provide contact directions.
    • Health Insurance:
      • Communication to our employees on benefits coverage should you be affected by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).
      • We are in dialogue with our benefits provider to find out more details.
    • Travel:
      • No travel for work purposes utilizing public transportation that place employees in close proximity with other individuals.
      • International and domestic air travel is not permitted for work purposes.


    • We are monitoring all information from federal, provincial and local health authorities and consider updates in our communication and daily planning.
    • We are committed to communicating with the team regarding the situation on an as needed basis.
    • Anyone who is not feeling well is required to work from home to eliminate the chance of infecting other team members.

    Enabling Remote Work

    • We  have the ability for 100% of our work force to work remotely and access our network and files.
    • All employees have access to Microsoft Outlook, Teams and SharePoint on Microsoft 365 via external computers.
    • We deployed VPN access on all remaining desktop workstations, so that these may be deployed to our employee’s homes as required. This will be completed by the end of day Tuesday, March 17th. If employees are asked to work from home, their office desktop and any needed peripherals (monitors, keyboards, mice) will be relocated to their home.
    • Employees have the option of installing wireless cards into their desktops in  to access the Group2 network. This option is only necessary for employees who do not have LAN connections.
    • We have approximately 82% of our workforce presently working remotely.
    • Employees may not access the Group2 network from anything other than a Group2 device to preserve client confidentiality and ensure project and operational security.
    • Employees with a Group2 mobile device will take their devices home with them at the end of each day.
    • Flexible work hours have been implemented to accommodate personal needs.

    Project Management (Projects in Design)

    • Team leaders hold  virtual meetings with all team members daily to ensure a coordinated workflow
    • Consultant meetings take place virtually as required by the project.
    • We are using Lean tools that have been developed for digital platforms to ensure that tasks and schedules are communicated effectively.

    Project Management (Projects in Construction)

    • Staff supporting contract administration have implemented use of alternative technologies such as video conferencing and Face Time to conduct remote reviews.
    • Essential reviews may be scheduled at times with restricted numbers of site personnel to reduce the risk of contact.

    Ongoing Project Monitoring

    • Supply chain assessment and mitigation – we have initiated discussions with multiple contractors on multiple projects to determine what the impacts to construction supply chains might be and mitigation strategies that may be able to be employed. This process will be ongoing.
    • Construction site impacts of COVID-19 – we have had a site with an identified need for an individual to be tested and a recommendation that all other staff that were on the site undergo self isolation until the test results are back. We are working with contractors to develop communication protocols to provide timely notice of both the need for self isolation and the quick notification of results to all impacted.

    Financial Impacts

    • We have completed an initial assessment of projects at risk for delay or cancellation due to the current situation.
    • We intend to follow up with clients in the next 2 weeks to confirm project impacts allowing clients time to assess the currently evolving situation.
    • We have developed a series of short- and medium-term measures of staffing adjustments to implement should this be required.